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Our Double Face sledgehammers are hand-forged from a block of mild steel or 1045 in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. The mild hammers are "soft" to limit wear on tools struck by them and are safer in teaching applications and for machine maintenance/die changes. The 1045 heads are carefully face-hardened and kiln-tempered to keep the working surfaces smooth and durable during direct metal contact forging.


The heads are hung on straight-grained hickory handles made from AA Grade Flame-tempered lumber. Each handle is hand-fitted with a drawknife and cross-wedged with two glued-in wooden wedges for a secure fit. The handles are soaked in boiled linseed oil for 24 hours to protect the wood and keep the head from coming loose due to humidity changes.


"Icon" is our flagship style with handle lengths from 24-30 inches, so you can pick the sledge that will suit your work style. 


The next batch typically ships at the end of each month.


Photo for style reference, product may differ slightly.

Double Face Sledge -Icon Style- Pre-order

PriceFrom $280.00
  • Lanyard hole + $5

    Pinned head + $5

    Leather Strike Guard + $75

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